Automatic Popup to Open Links in

Hi, I have an issue with the Brave Android App installed in ChromeOS on a Pixelbook. Whenever the mouse hovers over a link, an automatic popup is displayed asking how I would like to open the link (New tab, private tab, new window, etc.)

Does anyone else have this issue? I’m unable to find an associated setting to disable this.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Search via DuckDuckGo or while on any webpage displaying a link.
  2. While scrolling or moving the mouse, and the mouse hovers over a link for a duration of time or at a time when the mouse passes over the link.
  3. A popup window is displayed asking how I would like to open the link.

This happens without any input from me (No right click, two-finger tap)

I would expect this to happen “Only” from some form of physical action from me (Two finger mouse click)

This happens whenever the mouse passes over a link at an unknown duration of time.

Brave Version 1.0.95

Chromium Version 74.0.3729.157

Pixelbook Chrome OS Version 74.0.3729.159

Nothing? No one knows anything about this issue?

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