Automatic payment to Brave Software from my UpHold wallet?!

I just received an email that i automatically sent a payment to Brave Software International, how is this possible? I’ve also checked the transaction through my UpHold account. Am i missing something? All the Brave instances i’m using have the auto-contributing feature off

There’s a bug having which has been turning it on automatically.
You can file a ticket trying to get a refund at

Well, i don’t care that much about giving the reward back to Brave, but how it manage to give the tokens back to Brave? I mean, i don’t even visit their site

@Hobb7 Usually auto-contribute is 1 BAT. Not sure why we’d be seeing 0.50 BAT unless you just didn’t have the 1 BAT and it took what you had. I know you said auto contribute is off, but also want to ask…are you 100% positive you have it disabled on all browser profiles across all of your devices you have linked? Often people will think more about something like their desktop but then look and realize it’s toggled to contribute on their phone, or vice versa.

That said, the only thing you can do if you believe it was taken when it shouldn’t is to complete a Rewards Support Ticket at

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