Automatic JSON formatting

As a developer, it’s frustrating having to copy & paste raw, minified/ unformatted JSON into a JSON formatter or installing a third party app to format the JSON in a nice way - when reading from an API I’m currently developing.

I’d like to see an ‘auto-format’ option for JSON objects, with perhaps a built in search feature so I can easily traverse the objects I’m querying.

For example:

[{"id":1,"name":"House on a Hill","description":"It's a house, on a hill.","bedrooms":"2","bathrooms":"2","parking":"4","created_at":"2020-02-28T11:42:09.758Z","updated_at":"2020-02-28T11:44:55.685Z","agents":{"id":1,"name":"John Doe","number":"01234 567890","email":"","created_at":"2020-02-28T11:43:16.971Z","updated_at":"2020-02-28T11:43:16.971Z"},"image":[{"id":1,"n

Could be:

		"id: 1,
		"name": "House on a Hill",
		"description": "...."

You get the idea.

I don’t want to rely on third party plugins from the google extension market, or websites that I have to manually copy & paste to.

Just me I guess…