Automatic JSON formatting

As a developer, it’s frustrating having to copy & paste raw, minified/ unformatted JSON into a JSON formatter or installing a third party app to format the JSON in a nice way - when reading from an API I’m currently developing.

I’d like to see an ‘auto-format’ option for JSON objects, with perhaps a built in search feature so I can easily traverse the objects I’m querying.

For example:

[{"id":1,"name":"House on a Hill","description":"It's a house, on a hill.","bedrooms":"2","bathrooms":"2","parking":"4","created_at":"2020-02-28T11:42:09.758Z","updated_at":"2020-02-28T11:44:55.685Z","agents":{"id":1,"name":"John Doe","number":"01234 567890","email":"","created_at":"2020-02-28T11:43:16.971Z","updated_at":"2020-02-28T11:43:16.971Z"},"image":[{"id":1,"n

Could be:

		"id: 1,
		"name": "House on a Hill",
		"description": "...."

You get the idea.

I don’t want to rely on third party plugins from the google extension market, or websites that I have to manually copy & paste to.

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Just me I guess…

I am hoping they can make Brave handle JSON data like Firefox does…


@krynv You can check the Network tab of the DevTools
When you select a request, if the content-type is application/json, you have a tree view on Preview.


Not just you, i also would like having that feature

I’d love to see this feature included in brave!

I would like to signal that I would also love to see this as a default feature for Brave

It reduces the third-party risk from installing some unknown developer extension simply for JSON formatting

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count me in that one also :slight_smile:

It’s very easier to read json on firefox


the problem is they depend on google chrome on that one as it part of the core of the browser so not sure if they will do it or not

Chrome already has a JSON viewer & prett-fier built-in which you can use in the network panel of the developer tools. Wonder if they could simply port that over to the main window.

I’m in, it would be great if it will be part of the core and no need to install third-party plugin which may cause security/privacy issues.

I hope also that Brave add this as a core feature.

Firefox JSON > Brave JSON at present. I would like this feature too

Me, too. Please add this feature. I would help if I had time. As is, I can’t use the browser for work.

Yes please, I’d like this too. Feels dated.

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Signed up exclusively to vote on this.

Hope the devs will notice this suggestions as it would really be a helpful feature.