Automatic disabling of extensions

Why is it Brave takes it upon itself to disable an extension - it doesn’t ask, it just does!!!
I have an extension I’ve been using for YEARS! It assists in downloading videos from Youtube. The extension is Meddlemonkey. Brave flagged thee extension as malware and disabled it. As I stated I’ve been using it for years, even before I began using brave and I know it’s not malware! I even been using it in Brave until I had to reinstall Brave - which is when it began this odd behavior. I’ve liked Brave - until now - but if I can use the extensions l love, I don’t need the browser! There should be a way to disable the disabling!

With many things, since we’re hooked into the Google Chrome web store for extensions, we’re at the mercy of Google making these decisions – just as we use their store for hosting the extensions, we likewise ‘trust’ their decisions on judging their security. Sometimes we may not like or agree with those decisions but that’s how it is for the time being. (I would argue that most of the time it’s beneficial.)

Some discussion is here:

There’s some talk of alternatives there, too.

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