Automatic Contribution, is there a way to recover the donated amount?

I had disabled the automatic contribution, but when I realized, I received a notification saying that 1BAT had been donated without my authorization, when I went to see, the automatic contribution option was activated… is there any way to recover this amount?


Not sure. I don’t think that’s possible. @rodrige @Aman_M please fill more info, Thanks!!

@tobiram4 I can’t say for sure. Maybe try to raise a ticket here-

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This happened to me too. It has always been off and then somehow, magically, it turned on and contributed BAT to BRAVE all by itself. I am not concerned about the amount it contributed. I probably should have it on anyway. My bigger concern is how can a setting the spends my money get AUTOMATICALLY change to contribute? Seems like a HUGE security concern to me and makes me question the entire platform.

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