Automatic Clear Data if Private Browsing


When using the private browsing only, it would be great to be able to automatically delete all private data when closing a tab or the browser.


Can you elaborate a bit? Do you mean you would like the tabs to be removed? We do not store browsing data (history, cookies). Thank you for writing us. We rely on users like you everyday to help improve Brave!


In private browsing, private data such as history, cookies, etc are never stored nor saved.


Yes of course, the “issue” happens in this example:

In private browsing, i connect to twitter. If I close the tab, and re-open one with twitter I’m still connected.
If I close the tab, leave Brave, and go back, re-open one with twitter I’m still connected.
The only way to truly be disconnected, is to kill the app by swiping up the app in iOS after double clicking on the home button in homescreen.

Hope it makes sense


I think that is expected as the private session is not closed until you kill the app. Closing a tab doesn’t end the private browsing session, hence you can still access the site

@joel could confirm this is working as expected?


@julien, I totally understand the confusion. This is currently expected behavior, and similar to most (all?) other browsers. We have been talking about modifying this behavior though. We really appreciate your thoughts on this and for taking the time to bring this to community!


In my experience the expected behavior in most browsers is that, as soon as all private tabs have been closed, private browsing session information (including cookies) is cleared, without having to restart the entire browser process. It looks like the original poster was talking about the iOS app, but the same behavior happens on desktop. It would be great if cookies and everything for private tabs could be cleared as soon as all private tabs have been closed.


Why don’t you go ahead and create a ticket for the desktop project. Private tabs work a bit different with brave as you can have private tabs associated with normal windows. Not something most browsers support.

As far as iOS is concerned. We are working on some private redesigns that would improve this behavior.


For the record, the OP is not alone, especially on desktop. 1) The behavior is seriously unexpected since while “We do not store browsing data (history, cookies)” (your quote, above) yet when closing private tabs and then re-opening a new private tab, all cookies from previous private sessions have quite clearly been stored (?!?); and 2) quitting and restarting the entire browser (I frequently have several windows open across several desktop spaces on mac) can be a real pain.


Responding about iOS. Any desktop inquires should be directed in those tags/groups:
History and cookies are held in memory intentionally (e.g. being able to go back/forward through history), or keeping you logged into Twitter while you browse it, but this data is not written to disk. Once the app is removed from the device’s memory, all of those items are gone as well.

This is very common behavior for web browsers, but I do completely understand the confusion. We are working on some redesigns (iOS) that may help to bring about a better experience in regards to private web browsing. Stay tuned, and thanks for chiming in!


Ok, thanks for the reply. I’ll create a new post elsewhere, since it’s pretty important. Currently it’s actually much simpler to just open a private window in a different browser than to launch a private window in the privacy-focused Brave and that’s just whack.