Autofill type feature not working

On the Virgin Internet Order web page,

when I start typing in my address, I should get a listing of addresses that start with the same house number and street name as mine, so that eventually my address would come up and I can select that.

The Virgin Internet web page is one example where Brave does not work correctly

When I try that with any other browser, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc., they all show the suggested list of addresses.

I turned off all the Shield settings, but the problem is still there.

Brave Version: [Version 1.0.1 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

This particular site is a Canadian web site with the field in question looking for a Canadian address, so one might need to use a VPN connected to Canada to see the issue.

I have a screen shot of what Chrome, FireFox etc brings up if that helps.

The bottom line issue is that with this part not working on Brave, when one gets to the end on the Virgin Internet web site to find out if internet is available at the address that was entered, one gets the wrong information.
Instead of “Yes” which is the case for my address, when using the Brave browser, Virgin will report that internet is not available at my address.

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