Autofill seems like a gate to security breach

If a person knows my Windows 10 PIN number can easily find all my passwords saved in Brave! That’s a major security/privacy issue. Why do we even want to display the password to users. If I forget my password, that is my bad luck, I have to reset my password on related website rather than clicking on show password → entering Windows 10 password and bang having my password visible!

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Yes this is what I’m worrying about too… The browser itself is good but I’m curios that where your password are stored. On the cloud? Only on your device?

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I think there is lots of room for improvement here with respect to what you’re talking about. That said, for every person saying

If I forget my password, that is my bad luck

there is another saying

the browser should allow me to view my passwords in case I forget

This is the way just about every other browser password manager works. If you’re worried about saving your passwords in-browser, I would recommend a password manager instead to keep you passwords safe. I would also recommend enabling 2FA for any sites that contain important or sensitive information.

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I see your point and yes, I agree users should also be able to see their passwords if want to.

My disappointment came when I was excited to see a browser is managing the tracking and kinda gives me my own privacy but then there is a way to expose passwords. I don’t know may be I am just paranoid!

I think there could be an option where you can chose to have your passwords displayed or not.

Just my 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:

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