Autofill location bar with the selected url in dropdown


Right now only the “Top Site” section of the navigation dropdown autofills the location bar when navigating to the suggestion with the arrow keys. It would be nice if all other entries in the dropdown exhibited the same behavior

OS: OS X El Capitain 10.11

Expected Behavior:
Selecting a previously visited link in the location dropdown should fill the locationbar so it is easy to edit to url and press enter

Acutal behavior:
Only the “Top Site” part of the dropdown exhibits the behavior described.



Which version of Brave are you using? Also, could you check your Search Bar Options in about:preferences#search?



On second thought I think this MIGHT be intended behaviour, although this differs somewhat from other browsers (chrome & firefox i think).

The reason is I tried to find the url by entering in the urlbar as part of a work routine where i append something to our internal urls for whatever reasons, in chrome the urlbar would normally autofill with xyz .abc. com/something when highlighting it. Likewise if doing a search by title. In Brave it doesn’t. Im not sure if this is a feature request or a bug. :slight_smile:

Edit: I would upload video of the expected behaviour, but im a noob.