Autofill for sites requires a click (toggle this off?)

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I completely understand the security design behind this, but I have sites for work that I have to go to multiple times a day. For security reasons, Brave seems designed to require a click in a text field before it will autofill.

Is there an option somewhere in brave:flags or something I can toggle to make this behavior similar to Edge/Chrome?

  1. Go to any site with a saved login
  2. The login fields are not autofilled and require a click

Expected result: Saved logins should be autofilled without a click OR an option to toggle this secure behavior off.

Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.14.84

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Hello @BraveGem

not sure if that would help

make sure you enabled the auto sign in

and have a nice day

@justsomeone1 Thank you for replying. However, that does not fix my issue.

There are a few intranet sites I have to use for work and unfortunately I have to log in every time I go there. Brave always requires me to click in the text field and then choose the saved ID. These extra clicks really add up over the course of a day.

Again, I am sure this is by design to prevent bad actor sites from capturing information input into text fields. However, I really would like a way to toggle this behavior off and have the fields be autofilled like in Chrome/Opera/Edge/Vivaldi. Thank you.

you welcome @BraveGem
let us wait and see if one of the team has solution to this and have a nice day :slight_smile:

It’s been a while and unfortunately no Brave dev members have commented on this issue.

Is there a tweak I can do to have Brave automatically autofill forms on a page instead of the extra 2 clicks? I have had to switch to Edge and Chrome in the meantime.

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