Autofill fills in url but there are no saved urls!

Under Autofill/Addresses there are no urls stored. How can Brave be autofilling?

Hello @rvhatcher

could be from the search engine part
check this

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Thanks, I’m at the search engine page and can’t see where it stores urls. But, you are onto something because when it inserts the url it has search: in front of it.

Where are the results of searches stored?

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when you type in the address bar it sent it to the default search engine you choose then it sent you the result in the address bar

here i am excluding other options like the bookmark and your history and those stuff

not sure where it stored but i see it like when you search in the search engine page it self but in the address bar it give you tiny choice as you know they can not fill you with 1K result or even more

Turns out that this URL pops up in Chrome and Firefox too! So, I can only conclude it’s a Google issue not a browser issue.

glad you figured it out
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