Autofill created information

Hi, i’m new to Brave browser. I would like a feature for auto filling your saved passwords, payment methods, addresses etc, with import/export options from other browsers. Google Chrome has this. I think this’ll be a very important feature. I think this will save you a headache for trying to remember a password or any kind of information for that matter :slightly_smiling_face:. Thank you.

All of those things are already built into Brave.
For importing/exporting data:

For autofill, simply save your credentials/addresses/passwords/etc in the browser and ensure that Save and fill payments/...Addresses is enabled in brave://settings/autofill

Thanks, but isn’t there a way to import already saved credentials from another browser?

As stated in the above listed article:

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Can you add all those options that Mozilla Firefox has with Google Chrome to choose? I understand, but there’s no option to choose Google Chrome with all the variety like Mozilla Firefox offers :D.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying – click in the drop-down box and select the proper Chrome profile you’d like to import from:

There actually appear to be more options offered for import in Brave than in Firefox.