Autocomplete URLs


In Chrome, when I want to check my email (to give just one example), I’m used to just hitting “g, m, return” in the address bar, and Chrome automatically autocompletes “” (based on my browsing history) and takes me there.

In Brave, this doesn’t work. There’s no autocompletion of URLs, meaning I have to type the whole URL out every time! Is this a bug or a feature? Seems strange to be missing this fairly basic functionality.

I’m using Brave 0.18.14 on a Mac.


We currently provide options using a metric of how frequently you visited a domain.

You are correct though, we do not autopopulate the address bar. This is a solid suggestion. Thanks!


Hi @millo

I’m using 0.18.14 on MacOS and I’m not seeing this, if I open a new tab and type gm and hit return, gmail loads in my tab.

Could you check your Search Bar Options in about:preferences#search?



Here are my full search options:

After some more time using Brave it seems that it autocompletes some URLs but not others - and sometimes I’ll hit enter after URL is autocompleted and it does something weird, like searching for my incomplete URL string. The behaviour seems extremely buggy.

I’ll keep on testing it and see if I can isolate anything that’s obviously replicable.


Here’s a gif of the issue happening. As you can see, other URLs autocomplete just fine.

Possibly relevant: I originally imported my Brave settings from Chrome, in which I had “gm” set up as a custom search shortcut (to search my Gmail inbox, naturally.) Could these imported settings be interfering with Brave somehow?


I ran into this as well. “Gmail” never autocompletes, because it redirects to “” If you start typing m-a-i… it should autocomplete for Gmail.

However, the autocomplete suggestions seem to have no prioritization at all, along with other issues I plan to open a new topic about. I visited mailchimp once, so now every time I start typing m-a-i… it autocompletes to mailchip instead of which I visit multiple times per day.