Autocomplete keeps navigating to old tabs rather than loading page



Let’s say I have two tabs open: one to, and a fresh new tab (e.g. another session tab). I want to navigate to as well in this tab, but every time I type it in, instead of loading the page in the new tab, it will just send me back to tab 1. This is infinitely frustrating.

I understand that this might even be a feature, since it simulates “fast loading” instead of loading the page again entirely if it’s already been loaded. But it’s problematic for two reasons:

  1. Content changes on a page over time (imagine a Reddit page) and users will re-enter the URL in the address bar to “refresh”, or simply want to hold the old version of the page in one tab, and a fresher version of the page in another tab;

2 Session tabs are where you’d really want to use this, since you need to be able to navigate to the same page but in two different tabs (which are logged into different accounts).

Specs: macOS, using latest version of Brave as of this date. Everything else works fine.

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