Auto-updater for Dev builds is detected as trojan by Kaspersky Antivirus




Detected during update from 0.56.2 to 0.56.4
Windows 10 x64
Kaspersky Free (b)


Its a false positive on Kaspersky detection. Please add it to the exclusion list.


We’ve been in contact with Kaspersky, waiting for confirmation on their end:


So, what was the conclusion from Kaspersky side?


You all will be the first to know after me!


Any comments? I have the same problem.


I had the same problem. It will probably take some time until Kaspersky puts the program on the whitelist.
So that you can still install Brave and Auto-Updates (for Windows 10):
Click on the arrow at the bottom right to see the programs that are in the background. Right-click Kaspersky once and select Exit.
Install the update or Brave.
After the installation you can activate Kaspersky again. It seems that it only identifies the installer as malware, but not the installed browser.

Edit from December 2018:
If Brave downloads the update automatically, Kaspersky blocks it with a warning message (and allegedly deletes setup.exe) . Brave still displays the new version number under chrome://settings/help, but the update was not installed.
Just go to again, download the setup.exe (for Windows), quit Kaspersky as already mentioned and execute the setup file. The update will be installed here afterwards.

Translated with

Your browser infected windows with trojan
Brave deleted by Kaspersky
Brave Dark Mode reacts to light/dark OS
Kaspersky finds Trojan in Brave files
Virus in Brave?
Error on yesterday's update
Brave infected with malware

I installed it normally, I used it most of the day, the next day when I turned on the computer, was when I had problems, did not let me open any windows at all, and showed Kaspersky alert. I had to restart the computer with the restart button and when it reloaded I had deleted the browser.


As you might actually read out, it is a misconception that the browser (Brave) is malware. You could use the instructions above your post to install Brave.

Here is also the (official) download link:


@Mattches Any news on this? I guess not, but I thought I would ask anyway. :slight_smile:


Thanks for checking in.
Unfortunately I don’t have anything solid to give you. We’ve taken all the necessary steps to get whitelisted. It’s taken a lot longer than expected but its certainly under way.

If you want something actionable, you could tweet or email their support team about the issue as well.
Sorry I don’t have a more exciting answer for you!

Update on Brave being flagged as malware (false positive) by Kaspersky Anti-Virus

No worries, I just threw Kaspersky out the window. :slight_smile: Sadly, they didn’t ask why I uninstalled it, hehe.