Auto update and data saving

I apologize if I use the wrong terms…

My daily Internet traffic is limited, so I’m worried how much traffic I’ve already spent today. But at night my internet is unlimited, so I try to download all updates at night. For me and many other users like me this is really important.

I never thought it could be a problem: other browsers just notify me about updates (or not) and other browsers have smaller updates than Brave has (several megabytes for Firefox versus several tens of megabytes for Brave). The worst thing: Brave will be updated even if I did not launch it today.

Just try to understand me: for me large amounts of Internet data is a sign of something wrong. When I noticed this the first time I panicked just disconnected the network. When I noticed this the second time I remembered seeing a tweet about the new version. That’s why I almost sure that it was because of Brave: when I checked the version on “About” page it was current.

But then I checked what process uses so much data. It was svchost.exe (netsvcs), not Brave. So I went to Windows Services, chose “Run manually” and disabled it, but after a few hours it was running again and again downloaded several tens of megabytes before I noticed it. Now this service is off and I hope it will help.

But I want to know the reasons. I want to be sure this is just an update for Brave. And if this is true I want to know why the developers still use so inconvenient for many of their users feature. If I want to update the browser, I can just open “About” (like on Chrome), if you want me to use current version, you can just show me notification (like on Firefox). Give us a choice!

This is the only thing I really hate in Brave and it might the only reason why I’ll change the browser. I understand that other users can not answer my questions. I checked many forums for geeks and they have only two answers: “This is a virus” (this is not) and “Reinstall Windows and format your HDD” (I will not). I’m so angry now!

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Your post was full. If I am understanding clearly you want an opt-in, opt-out auto update feature. Right?

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