Auto translate pages, having trouble opening links



First i liked to say that I like Brave, finnaly something new and good.

Few things:

  1. Auto translate is really necessery, doing some things in Lithuania right now and i want to check some information in local news portal. Since you guys dont have auto translate needed to download Chrome (that sucks) to be able to translate pages and find information we need. I still use Brave but what is the point of having two browsers on my phone. Please if possible add that feature.

  2. When i open a new tab on my pc (not phone but pc) there is 80% chance it will be blank (should be Google in my case). When i type adress in URL (google) it just stays like that, nothing happens. Than I need to open one more tab and works fine, if I close blank tab and open new there is high possibility that will be blank also.

  3. When i read news (BBC) for some reason browser wont open some artickles, if I refresh that page artickle opens. I press on the article but nothing happens ( thats on phone, andorid, Samsung galaxy note 8).

Hope it helps, fell free to contact me for better described problems.


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