Auto Tab Grouping on tab bar


Hello there

the feature i would love to see here i havent seen else where but would be cool i think

so here it goes…
Have an Option i the Settings/preferences or edit menu (with option)
To Have Multiple like tabs (like youtube tabs with difference channels in each tab)
or a blog site with different article links

to be auto grouped together so if someone like me wanted to say comment on a thread on a blog or channel on any site those tabs can all be moved to be next to 1 another

its hard to manually move a tab(s) 1 at a time to be next to 1 another as it may take to much time

this way with an auto group feature all YouTube tabs would be together
a blog site like links would all be together
even do 1 for say social media where we can put in the sites we want grouped together like facebook, twitter, instagram site page and any other social media, we can keep those together automatically as listed

even say brave tabs… if we want to be in multiple threads AND the brave start page or page to send a download link to a friend we dont have to constantly go back and forth between tabs

also allow us to NAME these groups such as
Social media group
Browser group (for anything browser site brave chrome firefox etc)
whatever blog group name

if we do a right click on a tab make it allow us to move that tab to said group

i hope i explained this to make sense…