Auto-Sign-in broken on Release and Nigthly channels

Auto Sign-in of passwords is broken on Release and Nightly channels with Settings>Passwords>Auto Sign-in = Enabled.

Expected result: Sign-in with one click
Actual result: Sign-in as if Auto Sign-in disabled.

Brave v. 1.18.75
Brave Nightly v. 1.20.45
Windows 10

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I’ve noticed the same issue with a regular release. Saved signon’s most often do not work. Disqus for example. Twitch, Facebook, youtube,… none of those are working with it enabled.

I’m in version 1.21.77 on macOS and experiencing this too. I’m finding Brave faster than Chrome right now and hoping that lasts, but I recall the reason I previously switched back to Chrome was because I have to click in a username/password field in order to select the credentials for the website before I can sign in.

Auto Sign-in would be great but I would also be cool with one-click sign-in, meaning that my info gets filled in automatically when I load a page and I just have to click the login button.

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M$'s Edge browser has the 1 click log-in feature. Works great! Brave devs should take heed!

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