Auto log-in (continue where you left off) is no longer working (MacOS)

When restarting Brave on MacOS (latest version Big Sur 11.3.1), continue where you left off doesn’t log in automatically any more
How to recreate the behaviour
Log in to various sites on various tabs, quit Brave, restart Brave, have to log in again

  1. Auto log-in is set
  2. Continue where you left off is set
  3. Brave has access to Brave Safe Storage in Keychain access

Until recently, the continue where you left off feature worked just fine. I used it to restart Brave on my MacBook after restart and it successfully reconnected without losing my credentials for most tabs. Now this doesn’t work any more: I am forced to reenter all my credentials each time I start up, which is annoying, given how seamlessly it worked before

Brave Version: Brave is up to date [ Version 1.24.86 Chromium: 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (x86_64) ]

Additional Information: None

Related error here as well. Brave does not auto log in and I get the error STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2
OS build 19042.985

Version 1.24.86 Chromium: 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have around 130 tabs and if autologin does not work I have to switch to Firefox.( Which I won’t really do).

When I try to use the emoji here is this text window it crashes in the same way BTW.

This may depend on the websites being loaded and cookies are saved, If there is website where we can test this, willing to test out.

Could it be that I have been too restrictive with cookies somewhere in the settings? It seems to hit all the sites I have open:
– google calendar
– NY Times
– Local newspaper (
– ubiquiti com

A reinstall of Brave didn’t help. I only have two extensions: and duckduckgo privacy

Are you using Brave or 1password to save the passwords? May matter here

I intend only to use 1password and have not turned on the Brave password stuff intentionally :wink:

Try saving the login/cookies for one of those sites within Brave itself as a test (while still using 1password), does it restore the session?

Well this webpage for starters(It has crashed 4 times whilst writing this. Hit the arrow back for it to load in again). Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, etc. All the pages where I am logged in.

That seems to be a bigger issue, try testing in both private window mode (no extensions) and try in a new Brave profile.

I turned on the password stuff in Brave. I didn’t change the cookie settings (?). Brave managed to store the password and let me log in with it, but it did not restore the page and log in on its own. Neither on this page nor on the others.

So it didn’t restore the session? brave://settings/getStarted Ensure Continue where you left off is enabled.

I just tested, opened to 2 tabs, then just closed the browser (via right clicking close in the taskbar). When I re-opened it just re-launched without issue

Just tested with my login, closed and re-opened (using Brave to save the login details). Was able to auto-relogin on a browser restart

Nope. The tabs were all there but they were not logged in

Are you on Mac or Windows? Could there be another setting that is blocking things?

same issue with windows 10

Does your webpage login show up as a saved password?

I’m about to head off to bed, But I would test a new Brave profile, no extensions. Let Brave save the password/login details.

Here is what I just tested (in a Brave beta profile).

I found the setting: “Clear cookies and site data when you quit Brave”. It was set. With the setting unset the restoration of the settings worked. Perhaps there should be a warning that that setting clashes with “continue where you left off”. I don’t remember changing that particular setting, however.

I’ll just relogin everywhere and try the full test :wink:

That was rather a wild goose chase…

I have not enabled that and still have the issues with “Aw snap” can’t access that page “STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION”. I even get it whilst opening new tabs.

Perhaps Brave can’t access the credentials store?