👍 Auto hide vertical tabs after X seconds of tab switch.. Plus, Messages.Brave.com Brave Messaging app with Brave Rewards Integration -> Be the first company in the world to offer this feature(Making otp messages received on phone to be viewed on PC)

Sorry i haven’t checked updates to my previously posted threads but i will check them as soon as my To-do List priority 1 is complete.

For Now, i have been working on optimizing 4k playback on youtube in VM and want to make everything to feel like my host windows 8.1 os. I believe i have achieved what i wanted by performing essential tweaks regardless of the current state of people reporting “Hardware acceleration” feature causing issues for them

Now, what i wanted to achieve is bringing in the MAXIMUM Immersion…i wanted the static sidebar to be placed in the left always shown with website logos and also at the same time want to use vertical tabs with it…

There are few ways where i think you can get creative

  1. Allow me to use vertical tabs by placing it on the right side by giving us option to choose left or right side…so that in way sidebar will be used in left side and vertical tabs on the right side…

  2. By placing it on bottom with website logos alone or website logo + characters specification

Adding Clarity…

the above image is a zoomed version of 1 tab that is stacked at top of the browser…From the image, you can see it shows yt logo, notification count, video title The AI war has begun Every Google where gle has been cut off… i think this behavior can be customized in a way by letting users decide to show logo only


logo + default tab behavior


logo + character specification so that if i set logo + 10 characters, the tab should be shrinked as similar to the highlighted area which will make it shorter…

  1. Ability to set a timer so that vertical tabs will be automatically hidden after X seconds after switching between tabs. i use gestures extensions to close tabs, switch to left tab and switch to right tab, reopen closed tab…etc so i dont necessarily move my mouse pointer to the tabs area and thus i have no issue when the vertical tabs are completely hidden temporarily until i manually mouseover the right end area of the screen or bottom of the browsers screen area…

For Example, You can add a setting like this in settings page.

Automatically hide vertical tabs after X seconds ------------------------- DDM

DDM here refers to drop down menu where the default option would be Never and the other set of options can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 where these numbers represents seconds.

Bug → if i set sidebar to be on left + actively seem to use "on mouseover "and also use vertical tabs at the same time…->>>the experience doesn’t seem to be smooth… please check that.

Also if you are going to add vertical tabs to be placed in bottom, make sure to test it when “Auto hide taskbar” is enabled/used

Brave as Messaging app.

I am not asking you to start something like telegram or something similar…this is more similar like google messaging app or samsung messages… The base of this brave messaging app theme is to handle messages that are received to phone’s sim and seamlessly sync them with messages.brave.com on PC where the core criteria is user should install brave messaging app on their android and should allow all of the permissions of whatever brave asks for the functioning of this service.

The Problem with Google is that Google thinks they are saviours of earth and made an bad decision to NOT Show the OTP on PC which according to me defeats the purpose of existence of Messages for web…So i am asking you to please introduce this feature and start a new messaging based website for handling phone’s sim messages similar to your video messaging “Brave Talk”

Why ?

There is this annoying TataPlay(watch.tataplay.com) website where it will automatically LOG you out of their website for every 3 or 4 days… it will be like the site is functioning normally and all of a sudden the site will make it look like it forget the language settings and ask you to save language preference, if you go through those setup, in the end it will eventually log you out and show please Login to watch everywhere.

The issue is that there is no way to login using a password for their site, only way to login into that site is OTP which is very annoying because i dont always have phone with me…
I like spending more time on a PC than on phone and wont always have phone near me…so i thought i may just install Brave Messaging app on the phone and give whatever permission brave asks for the seamless integration of sync between brave messaging app on phone and brave messages website on PC which can be something like messages.brave.com

So that in a way, if Google seems to be a disappointment, i could be happily using brave and get the otp messages which this tataplay sends to my phone’s sim to be easily seen on my PC using messages.brave.com site.

You can innovate the messaging app further by integrating Brave Rewards… Say like showing sponsored images independently for each individual chat background or globally for the entire messaging app…

I am currently waiting for ISO

once this is available, i will test it and work on posting brave browser Architecture cloning + VM speedup optimization to make it feel like host os threads later after i am satisfied.

Previous thread Improvements…

My method which i shown earlier has been improved. Now, the newly added patterns can block ads just as in the same way of Brave shields or any other adblockers. No 3rd party extensions required… no extra moves required.

It will/may look like i am using adblocker but i dont… Testing Ad block performance on 35+videos in 5 minutes without Adblocker/Brave shields or other 3rd party softwares

captured on 26th October… i just haven’t got the time to fully update the guide…but just thought i would show you that i have improved the performance.

Also Spotify’s out of date os annoying banner managed to show up later after few days so i worked together with Bard to make sure that Banner Never shows up again… So far i haven’t seen this after i worked on it … Also, only using spotify desktop during Friday… Will permanently use Foobar soon.

Cmd animations

if video lags a little in the beginning, its normal as this video has some issue on the loom side, video will play normally after 1st 3 seconds has been passed.

I will share the guide/code/patterns later at end of next week.

The above method should work for Ad “view” impressions which works well to make the ad show in background of chat

For CTR based ads, you can design to show the ads similar in this way

source : https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-stop-Gmail-ads-in-Android

Design the functionality in a way where people who interact with CTR will likely earn more BAT as compared to people only use chat background sponsors.

For point 2,

Show logo only


logo + default tab behavior


logo + character specification


New, Logo only & full tab name info will be shown just as as default behavior ->>>when the mouse is hovered on the respective logo which will result in hovered logo showing that specific tab’s name information…

Also card with preview size can be enlarged little bit more.

For point 2

option 3 logo + character specificiation… so if i specify logo + 7 characters… All tabs by default should have this size…

this above scenario only happens if i open too many tabs
if i choose logo+default tab behavior…the current default tab size method can be followed

Also for option 4, i think it will be easier for you to understand only if i show you something visually

sorry for the bad quality, i purposefully done this as my internet speed has been slowed down and my isp claims i have reached max data cap limit allowed for this months bill cycle… my bill cycle will reset tonight so by tomorrow i will get my usual speed of 235 mbps… now my speed is 2.6 mbps.

but i hope the video is clear enough to make you understand the concept… you can show card with preview while the mouse is hovered…hope you can relate it. Thanks

Vertical tabs related feedback will be updated here

in the mean time, i will use this thread to update Brave Messages app with Brave integeration new features ideas

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