Auto filling URL's


[sorry new users can only enter 2 links, wtf :smiley: i had to mask some links, hopefully that makes my issue not unclear]

so i frequently type in some url’s. for example:
morethegame. com[]forum

what the browser should do when i start writing “fac” it should autofill it to"facebook .com/" but here is what suggestions it is giving to me:
"[sry newusers bla http] facebook. com/profile.php?id=100013542586287&fref=ufi"
"[sry newusers bla http] facebook. com/groups/satoshischool1/permalink/2045118922383100/?hc_location=ufi"
and lots of other stuff… and yes i did enter “” manually at least one time.
same for morethegame. com/forum
if i enter “mor” it should autofill to “morethegame. com/forum” but it autofills to
"morethegame. com/forum/ viewtopic.php?f=6&p=8557&sid=3cab092f2d69be29782b58d8565a0873#p8557"
and lots of other crap…
in chrome and ie this does not happen, and sometimes it also works in brave. but mostly it does not :confused:
i hope u understand my issue


Hi @VoodooDog

We do have an issue logged for this, it can be tracked at the link below. Thanks for taking the time to report this issue!