Auto fill passwords

I backed up whole brave software folder and then formated my pc.Then replaced the new folder created with backed up folder.

Got back my browsing history,my bookmarks,etc.

BUT my passwords havent restored and while I checked in UserData\Default\Login Data there are my passwords encrypted so I cant read it but they are not showing up in my browser Auto Fill.Also I know they can only be decrypted by by profile.So I also checked Login Data for Account(Dont know I that file stores my profile data)and that was encrypted too and when I saw contents of this file in backed up folder it has same content as in the actual file.

So any solutions or help will be appericiated.

P.S.:all my google accounts also arent restored so if that can be restored too…

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I have no idea on how to solve your issue, others might help. But, next time use the sync chain. It back-ups history, bookmarks, cookies, passwords, extensions, settings and quite a lot of other stuff.

Also, I would suggest using a dedicated password manager, . They are specially created to store passwords and are encrypted. They are decrypted on the device only by your master password and stored on RAM temporarily until you close the application again.

@_Balthazar Not sure on that one. If you still have the Reddit links I gave you, I’d try to reach out to u/chriscat there and/or even see if @chriscat here might be able to help, as he’s the one who shared the method for the unofficial Backup & Restore you did. I do know if you had created a Sync Chain as I mentioned and kept that code, you’d have all your passwords once you’d add your formatted PC to it, but guessing you didn’t get that far.

The only others here who might be able to help might be Mattches. The only hesitation I have is he tends to only focus on official methods and all. But if you want to try to send him a DM or want to wait and see if he might visit and answer here, I guess that’s it for now unless someone else manages to pop in with better info.

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