Auto Dimming Videos

Any video on any website, notably on YouTube, the browser is auto dimming the video feed if there is any bright image that appears, even minor. This is incredibly frustrating and cannot be disabled. It isn’t the iPhone because other browsers don’t have this issue and the video feed can even go completely black if bright lights continue often, however the play pause fast forward or rewind buttons remain bright. Something is wrong with your video processing and I want to be able to turn this off…

Hello @BangBang

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you kindly clear cookies and cache to see if the issue persist?

Let us know if that helps!

Hi Alice, unfortunately that didn’t resolve the issue. I’ve restarted my phone as well and am up to date on all Brave and IOS updates. The dimming usually only lasts a few seconds unless the bright lights continue on the video, at which point it continuously gets darker and darker.

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