Auto Day/Night mode

Hello, I would like to have day/night mode that you can set-up the time of the day to make all the pages you visit day/night mode if the sites support that feature like google, youtube, reddit, twitter etc…

For example my mobile phone have this feature and I set the time from 19:00 to 6:30 to be night mode so all the apps that support night mode changes automatically.
Meanwhile brave have light, dark, and use the same as windows. But all manually.

Also I would like the brave window theme to be separate from the pages, for example, my windows bar is dark blue but brave is white so when I choose dark mode in brave it changes the background color as well. Like brave config become dark but I would like to be auto depending on the day/night time and separate from the window color, so we can have the custom main window color separate from the sites we visit.

Thats all, and thanks for the great work :slight_smile: this is my fav browser