"Auto Cookie Blocker" Switch?

a while ago, after an update of Brave, there was an message from Brave on 1st website i visited, where it asks to auto-block (somewhat like that, cant remember) the annoying cookies acception question from all websites.
i clicked yes.
but how can i undo this?
i cant find it anymore in brave. i checked filters and did an reset aswell. nothing helped me.

since then, i have several issues with some websites like:

https://www.xe.com/ ← this page keeps “blank” (white)
Other browsers like Chrome, Edge shows it correctly!

also livestreams e.g. from bild.de https://www.bild.de/video/clip/video/bild-tv-livestream-deutschlands-news-sender--77413478.bild.html had errors
what to do?
thanks in advance^^

nope, as i wrote above, i already did. not a single hook is set in filters!

i am on windows 11

btw, brave://adblock is obsolete. it leads to brave://settings/shields/filters

Screenshot of this “auto-block” Can you test in a Brave beta profile?

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