Auto contribution without my permission

Dear Brave developers,

Today after checking my Uphold Wallet Balance after few months, I notice that my BAT funds balance was decreased unexpectedly.

After checking the activity of my BAT wallet , I see that a withdrawal of 17.00 BAT was done on 13th Feb 2021 and here is the details of transaction:

Transaction details

17.00 BAT

From your Brave Browser

17.00 BAT

To Brave Software International





February 13th 2021, 6:02:04 PM

Reservechain transaction ID


I rapidly search reddit for cases like this, and I found the indications to follow the instructions @ this link Acknowledgement of the Auto-Contribute issue on Brave browser so here I am .

Here are the details requested :

  1. Platform OSX

  2. Release V1.20.110

  3. Informazioni portafoglio

Chiave info seed: Valido

ID acconto portafoglio 0b0baf67-53eb-4d53-8bf2-7d8ce4568be7

Portafoglio creato: 12/01/2021, 13:10:14

Informazioni sul saldo

Saldo totale 0.5976 BAT

Ricompense BAT: 0.5 BAT

Salvaguarda il portafoglio: 0.09759999999999999 BAT

Info Portafogli Esterno

Stato portafoglio: Verificato

Indirizzo portafoglio: ca0129b6-0b6a-4bbd-86ca-0d9d4c49bf59

I try to send an email to the address but an automated reply tell me that this address is closed.

Can someone help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance for make the best browser in this planet!

Thanks for reporting. I’d like to ask a few questions to start:

  • Auto Contribute is ON by default and must be manually turned OFF. Did you turn it OFF?
  • Do you have multiple devices linked to your Uphold? If so, how many?
  • Can you share a screenshot of your Contributions and Event Log tabs which can be found here brave://rewards-internals/

Thank you in advance!

Hi Steeven and thanks for the prompt reply.

Here some of the details you have request:

  • When i initially install Brave Browser on my devices, i ever set Auto-Contribution to OFF so i think after an update it automatically turned it ON without any request to the user
  • I have 4 devices :
  • iMac on Mojave 10.14.6
  • iMac on Catalina 10.15.7
  • Pc on Windows 10 Pro 20H2
  • Pc on Windows 10 Pro 20H2- Do i have to attach alle the 4 devices contributions screenshots and event log ??

Please DM the email linked to your account.

Please send in a DM, not a public thread. Thanks.

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