Auto-contribution went through even though I have it deactivated

So… I have the auto-contribution deactivated and I have my uphold wallet connected to brave.
Today an auto-contribution of 10 BAT was made without my consent and I wanted to know if there was a way to revert this since I had that feature deactivated to begin with.

I am using my wallet in multiple devices but in all of them I have the auto-contribution off, this is a terrible problem and because of that I will start to disconnect my wallet from the browser itself.

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Hello, I have the same exact problem.

My auto-contribute has always been turned off. However, on Oct 25. I got an auto-contribute notification showing I’ve been deducted 10 BAT. Hope we get an answer from the Support :frowning:

Any active support here? Seems like this isn’t being noticed.

Well… I resorted to this forum because I though this was their way of supporting users, I checked brave’s website and they always redirect to this forum, no support email or ticket system at all. I even tried to contact Uphold in order to somehow, refund this transaction but with no success… as they said… “Can you try and enter in contact with the brave team?”, to which I really have no idea how, there’s only emails for business and press, if I can’t find a solution here I will try and enter in contact with their business email.

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I don’t even know what to type in here. Great coin, great concept, zero support. Doesn’t add up. And this kind of forced deduction is alarming

The concept and coin are on all engines
brave in call support is what you are after ?

Howdy! Sorry I didn’t pick this one up sooner.
I might need some folks to hop into a DM to share some details so I can investigate a few things server side.

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Any updates? I have the same problem - auto-contribute was switched off but just noticed it had switched itself on and contributed.

So far… nothing really, they haven’t answered me or said anything else.
It’s really hard to get any kind of support on these forums and I really don’t know where else to get support from.

Hey @Clawd, we’re working on issuing refunds for this bug. Please bear with us a little longer. Can you send me a PM with the data from your brave://rewards-internals page? Just enter this URL into the address bar and copy+paste me all the info–but don’t share it with anyone. I can make sure you get taken care of.

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