Auto-Contribution towards Brave automatically switched on ON

So today I received a notification that I automatically sent BAT to Brave…
It was done via the Auto-Contribute, I recently switched to a new phone and I though maybe while setting up the new phone I forgot that part, but no it was set to OFF (and still is), however from my PC I went to double check and it was set to ON… now this has been OFF for months and I am 100% sure I did not change it… how did it flip on its own??? Brave Browser reset some defaults?? Forced a log off and then asking users to login and switching to default (which conveniently for Brave is ON?) I was notified since funds go to my Uphold wallet, I was notificed via Upload, but not one notification from Brave… is this how Brave works??? randomly swtiching on the Auto Contribute to get maximum earnings from adverts???
I have not reset anything from the browser or re-installed anything on my PC which could even have any conflict or anything to do with the browser, so how did this turn to ON Automatically??
m not bragging about this one time contribution but I need to check every now and then that the settings are set to off now??? I am 101% this was on OFF, and when I switched on pc and went on brave browser it was ON…
Really annoying…

@Frostgrip there’s a lot of guesses and assumptions that can be made, but I don’t think it’s worth the time. Your best bet is to create a Support Ticket so Brave can try to look into with you and see if they can resolve any issues.

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Yeah it’s bunk. I almost stopped using Brave, not because of donating, I have no problem with that on my own. But when company start changing your settings to be what they want you to use then we have a problem. This was no accident. It should be off by default, the fact that it isn’t is telling.

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