Auto-Contribution steal 20 BAT

On the mobile App, you gave me 20 BAT to spend how I want, Two week after, you take it from my account, you can steal the BAT how you want from my account?!?

It’s a popup appear like a detail account in the Brave Reward, after the click, 20 BAT disappears.

They didn’t steal it. . If you didn’t turn off auto contributed

Auto-contribute is off, i want to spend it how I want. But I can read - 20 at this line of november.

The same thing just happened to me, Auto- Contribute toggled off, says 20 Bat used for A-C with no record of where it went, I was going to load it up from Ad views and transfer some from an exchange but stuff that if they are just going to trigger it autonomously…

It did not expire either as the expiration date was 0220


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I’m not alone, this will need a investigation!

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