Auto contribution happening from uphold wallet even though setting turned off and transaction not shown anywhere

I have autocontribution turned off, but BAT tokens were still taken. This doesn’t even show up anywhere like Monthly Contributions

Uphold Transcation:


My brave contribution history


Is there some sort of fee from Brave for holding BAT tokens? Anyone know why this is happening? Is it not safe to keep BAT tokens on my account because Brave has access?

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Kind of similar issue here. All my BAT disappeared today, even though I had unchecked the autodistribute option. Apparently I automatically sent all my BAT to @BravePublishers, which is kind of a bummer. How can I make sure no amount is debited from my uphold account without my knowledge? Is there any way to get my funds back?

This is a recurring issue with no end in sight. Most of us immediately transfer our BAT to a safe safer location in Uphold, where Brave cannot withdraw it regardless of how much bugs there are in their software systems.

The solution is to move your BAT from your Uphold Brave wallet to your Uphold BAT wallet. The former is your wallet in Brave browser. The latter is a general Uphold wallet for all BAT. You can think of the latter Uphold BAT wallet, as the BAT equivalent of the Uphold ETH wallet or Uphold BTC wallet - Brave cannot touch it.

Kinda ironic but there you go - we actually have to protect our BAT from Brave.

Will do that, thanks for the tip!!

Thanks boppinparty, didn’t realise this was common bug, i thought this was a fee of some sort that Brave charged. makes sense

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