Auto-contribute was turned back on

I’ve had it off since I first got the browser (so around a year at this point), didn’t reinstall the browser, didn’t make any changes to it, don’t see why it would suddenly turn back on.

Don’t see a way to see all months at once but here’s what my transaction history looks like:

Goes back a lot further obviously but you can see that auto contribute was off this whole time and suddenly turned back on. Was saving up because dealing with UpHold is annoying but should I be withdrawing my BAT often to avoid this?

I searched and saw old threads where it was turned off and still sent it but mine was changed from off to on without me doing so.

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This is a known bug unfortunately. Can you PM me your brave://rewards-internals data? I can issue you a refund.

When I went to check that for you I looked at my BAT and it’s showing as 0 now even though the ad history seems to still be there:

Not sure if you can fix that but I’ve never had these two things happen before as far as I can tell.

I’ll DM you the info but it says the wallet was created today so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to do anything. Thank you though.

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