Auto contribute was off then toggled

So auto contribute was turned off then without me noticing it toggled back on and they got 1.000 BAT from me

The same thing happened to me. I’ve ALWAYS had auto-contribute turned off. But Brave turned it back on and gave my BAT away to some random site that I visited. There needs to be a way to snatch this back.

Yup we should be able to get our BAT back but since support is almost none I highly doubt

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Yes, unfortunately you’re probably right.

There should be a paid version of Brave that gets you actual, guaranteed support. If it was reasonably priced I would get it. I hate forums anyway, under the best of circumstances. But this forum is spectacularly useless as forums go. And I think it’s down to just a lack of money, most likely. The old saying, “you get what you pay for”, applies here. And they’re paying us to use something they’re already providing for free. So I have some sympathy…at least for now. But if they don’t find another way to provide REAL support, such as a paid model with a reasonable price, my patience does have its limits. And I think a lot of people will see it that way too.

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@AnonymousBrv1000 Are you able to give steps to reproduce the issue?

Provide technical details about your browser and operating system too.

As you’ve said, this is a free product that you’re actually getting paid to use. I don’t know what you can be indignant about, setting ultimatums and all. Tamper your expectations, and create your own Support thread, instead of pitching in “yes me too”. It does absolutely nothing in terms of getting your own issues resolved, because your PC, your Browser, and your Wallet is obviously NOT the same as @Raulsant0s.

Well… Unfortunatly you coming in here asking in my thread for other peoples issues and telling them complaining in another thread wont help them… won’t help me either… And about the beeing paid to use, you are paid in your job ,I suppose, so what if they started to get a cut off your income to donate to an entity you didn’t even agree on, would you enjoy that?
Just leaving this question here. @Gecawi

I came to the Forum specifically to find out if others were experiencing the same problem I have been having for months, and they have been.

I don’t know how long it has been going on, because I don’t try to save logins very often. But I know it used to work, and for awhile now it hasn’t been. Although until recently I assumed it was just a one time glitch or something. Now I know it wasn’t, and was a part of a bigger problem.

The Brave Browser version is on fully updated, stock Android v.9, Samsung S8, and is your latest version. And depending on how long it has been since your last browser update, the problem almost certainly extends back through one or more previous versions as well. Because it has been going on for months. I honestly don’t know how long it has been since a new login has been prompted to be saved, let alone actually DID save in the browser. And FYI I have the Settings set up for it to save login details, and I haven’t changed anything, aside from toggling them to try to get them to work, since back when the login details used to be saved by Brave.

The steps to reproduce the problem are simple. Click on a login button in any site to try to enter preexisting username and password, or to set up a new account, and expect to see the Brave Browser dialog box that asks if you want to save the information…and no such dialog box shows up.

In case you’re talking about the BAT going to a site once that it wasn’t supposed to, that was a secondary thing to me today. I changed the Setting back to where I had it before which was not to auto contribute, and it has stayed where it should be since then. That was on another device of mine that was a newer setup for me, but I know I had initially turned it off before then. It’s a used tablet, that I don’t use for browsing much, but I had installed Brave on it and set it up a week or so before this issue with BAT.

The issue with saving passwords is not one I have even tried to check out on the tablet. Because I don’t use Brave on it much yet, except for watching free streaming TV show videos on Brave on the tablet, which doesn’t require any account so far.

But on my phone which I’ve been using Brave on for a couple of years or so, and I’m on with you right now, the saving of NEW usernames and passwords apparently stopped working…I would guess perhaps a half a year or more ago, and I didn’t realize it at first, until I saw that some sites that I knew I had already signed up for or signed into on this phone weren’t auto signing in, and were not even in my Passwords list. Which confused me. Today I pinned it down to not being a series of one time isolated glitches, but something that just isn’t working at all. So my workaround now is, when I read something in a news site in Brave and want to comment on it, I’ll just share it to the Chrome browser, which I have but never use because of their inadequate ad blocking, and use or save the new login details over there. It’s cumbersome, but adding or using the Password feature on Chrome browser (stock Android 9) actually still works fine.

I don’t know if this is enough to understand the problem or not.

Do you work for Brave? Or another user? I guess I should have asked that first.