Auto-contribute took my BATs + I get no adverts

Description of the issue:

Hello there,
I already wrote it to your support via email about a month ago and then here in the community again, but no answer so far…

Although I have never given consent nor was the auto-contribute option switched on at any time, some amount of BAT (1,3) was automatically contributed in my name.

I read in the brave community that this problem was known back in 2019. Why does it still affect people?

Another question I have is why I don’t receive any ads?!

I’m using Brave as a standard browser for a couple of months, the ads option is set to “5 ads per hour” and I’ve all in all earned 2,75 BAT during all this time (1,3 of which were spent without my consent!).

That’s ridiculous and pretty annoying, taken into account that I was so positive about using Brave initially.

Could you help me with the above issues please?

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Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Version 5

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