Auto-contribute sites list: easier handling is crucial!

I feel this is overlooked because not so many people use it — and they don’t use it because it’s just super-hard to use.
The auto-contribute system is crucial, especially in this phase. It’s the way good publishers (think blogs and news, forums and communities) will get to know about BAT and decide to join.
Today millions of BAT are wasted toward e-commerce sites and social media which we already pay in other ways.
When I check my auto-contribute list, I remove 95% of the sites there. And it’s a pain to do it.

So, improvement suggestions:

  • Multi-select sites to exclude from the list
  • Group by category (would be eays for YouTube channels, for example, but I guess it’s possible for blogs/media/e-commerce with some more work and error margin)
  • Keep the list still while removing stuff (now it jumps uncontrollably)
  • Sync the list across devices

What do you think?