Auto-contribute gets triggered even when Brave Rewards is disabled


Hi all,

While browsing a website, I received notification that auto-contribution was completed. This is strange because I have both Brave Rewards and Auto-Contribute disabled. Is this a known bug? Any way to make sure Brave Rewards/Auto-Contribute completely disabled?

Brave Version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 Home 1709 (64-bit)


cc @LaurenWags @sriram on this


What version of Brave are you using?


Sorry, forgot to include the version:

Brave Version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 Home 1709 (64-bit)


Thanks @onmyoji! Just curious, when you say you have Brave Rewards disabled, do you mean this switch or something else?

Also, did you import any Payments data from the old muon version of Brave? Just wondering if there’s any other pertinent data I could use to try to reproduce. Thanks!


Yes, that one.
I imported payment data from old muon last month by using the wallet recovery key.

Not sure how to reproduce this, since it only happened once. And there’s no record/history for the auto-contribution, but my wallet balance went down.

I found something similar on github, maybe it’s related:


I have a similar problem on the Brave Dev version (0.60.3). I have Brave Rewards turned on but Auto-Contribute turned off, yet 15 BAT left the account. I am a little bit puzzled where it even went since there are no websites in the auto-contribute list (I had manually removed them before). I don’t care about the BAT, but I thought you guys ought to know. So far this has only occurred in the Dev version.

Windows 10 Home 1803 (64-bit)


Hey @onmyoji

My apologies for the delay, I was out of the office for holidays. I believe I reproduced your issue - not sure if they’re the exact steps you took but the result appears to be the same. I would expect that disabling Rewards would also disable Auto-Contribute and prevent the contribution from happening. I logged the below issue for this:

Thank you very much for reporting this issue and all the information you provided, it was very helpful!

Hello @ilcuoco

I have not reproduced your issue yet (Rewards on, Auto-Contribute off with an empty table and contribution still occurs). I am wondering, since you said your balance went down, is it possible there was a UGP grant (the free BAT), you had in your wallet which expired? Those generally do need to be used within 30 days or they go away. This would cause your wallet balance to go down.

I’ll keep trying to reproduce in the mean time though. Let me know if it’s possible your balance change was caused by an expiring grant or if you have any other information I could use to try and reproduce. Thanks!



Thanks for the reply @LaurenWags!

These are the promotional BAT; however, only 15 of the 30 BAT left the wallet and it was marked as “auto-contribute,” so I don’t think this was an expiration issue.

I have two screenshots to show what took place. The first screenshot shows my settings when the BAT left the account (auto-contribute was turned off). The second screenshot shows the auto-contribute information. I had previously removed websites from the auto-contribute list, so I don’t even know where the BAT went.

I hope this helps!


Thanks @ilcuoco!

It does not seem as though it was an expired grant like I had thought. It’s possible you also encountered and I just haven’t reproduced it yet. I’ll be on the lookout. Thanks for this additional info!



Thanks for taking deeper look into this. I just wanted to add one more thing that might be of use for you: I tried clicking “Restore All” in the Auto-Contribute section and nothing happens. It doesn’t restore the 2 sites that I had previously excluded. I don’t know if that might be part of the glitch or not.


Hey @ilcuoco

I think that your restore all issue is possibly due to this item we have logged:

Could you take a look at that issue and let me know if that covers what you’re seeing? Of course, I know you won’t remember exactly which sites you excluded, but if you started using Brave with that version or earlier it’s pretty likely that is your issue. Thanks!



Hi @LaurenWags,

Thanks for the response. That issue definitely could be my problem. I’m afraid I don’t recall which version of Brave Dev I was using when I excluded the sites, but it was a while ago. I did some more testing and turned on auto-contribute and browsed on various websites to see if the auto contribute list would populate (this time on version 0.60.13). Despite setting auto-contribute to log websites after 5 seconds and 1 visit, it appears that no sites are being added to the list even after browsing for minutes (at least, none are visually showing up). I tried browsing verified Brave publisher websites and non-verified websites with the same results. This issue is actually piquing my interest and I hope my report helps the Brave team. If there is anything else I can give, please let me know. I’d be glad to help.


Hey @ilcuoco

I wouldn’t really test things out on Dev. I think this text (taken directly from the download page for the current latest Dev build - says it perfectly:

These builds are an unpolished and unfinished early preview for the new version of Brave on the desktop. These builds show our work in progress and they aren’t for the faint-of-heart. Features may be missing or broken in new and exciting ways; familiar functionality may have unfamiliar side-effects. These builds showcase the newest advances that we’re bringing to your browser, but this is still a prototype, not a reliable daily driver. Try it out only if you’re looking for a little extra spice and adventure in your browsing.

I’d actually look at Beta if you want to play around with Rewards. FWIW, I just launched the current Beta ( with a fresh profile and tried your scenario and it worked for me :smiley:

Anyhow, I’m thinking this thread is kind of going off topic (since the original) - but still lots of good discussion! I’d like to propose this: I’d like to close out this thread and advise you to try Rewards (in Beta if you don’t want to do so in Release). As you encounter issues open new threads for them or, if you feel comfortable, log an issue in GitHub! When you go to log an issue there you’ll be presented with a template - simply fill out the information and add any relevant details. Again, you don’t have to do this, but GitHub does have all of our currently logged bugs so you can also search to see if an issue has already been reported. Here’s the location: