Auto Contribute Donates To Channels I Don't Even Watch

I’ve experienced the problem on and off for about the last two years…Whether it was websites or whatever that I actually use… Despite me always saying no… It tends to happen anyway… I lose a few BAT I can overlook it… I don’t really care…

This is where I snap though… You’ve given out my BAT to several YouTube channels that I’ve never visited, heard of, or even am aware of… Are you hosting these channels Brave? Is this embezzlement? Is this a ponzi scheme? Why are my BAT going to channels I’ve never visited, used or even know what they’re talking about?

Look I get it… You track me you find other areas that accept BAT like Louis Rossman and his right to repair stuff, I don’t care if that happens but don’t think I’m silly enough to ignore the scam you’re trying to perpetuate because you wanna dump my coins elsewhere (who knows if they even got to the creators) instead of paying them to me… That’s beyond infuriating to me

I’ll more than likely never use the tokens… But with people like Stack Diary claiming Brave is selling data (you can say it’s false, I’ll say I"m wrong, I’m just losing faith in Brave)

I’m not even looking at this response thread… I just wanna call you out cause I think you’re being corrupt and I have no reason to trust you anymore… I liked when you did the advertisements against google on the ad thing… But I’m uncertain of your future.

Please stop throwing my BAT elsewhere especially when I turn off Auto Contribute because the huge issue I am concerned with if you are willing to turn Auto Contribute back on constantly then you’re just as willing to turn on full tracking and everything else no different than Google. Which ultimately defeats the purpose of your whole marketing scheme and selling point.

If you wanna track and sell our data then just admit it. Otherwise please stop wasting out time.


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