Auto contribute doesn't push my contributions monthly since January stating lack of funds but wallet has plenty of funds

Me too. On android. All info in screenshots.

I can report that both my mobile browser and pc browser have pushed my monthly contributions. Weirdly they both showed the message saying the contribution would fail and the wallet needed a deposit, but after that showed that the contribution has gone through. So there’s still something not quite right, but it seems to be working.

Maybe it would be useful not to close this thread in 2 days as there’s still several people reporting the same issue? It would be easy for everyone to follow :wink:

Meanwhile, due to smart contract expiration during the four months of failed payments, I’ve lost somewhere around 150-200 BAT in previously claimed rewards (on two computers). And I’m reluctant to add my own funds when there’s no capability to withdraw if it continues failing… Guess I’ll have to go ahead and add funds, but I don’t have a real good feeling about this turn of events. I understand that it’s not, but it still feels a little bit like a bait and switch.

A month later, on a more recent version, I just got a warning that in two days my BAT will not be distributed due to insufficient funds. Same exact behavior I saw in Version 0.60

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