Authorizing UPHOLD - An error has occured. Please contact the application provider

The title says it. On the page to Authorize Application. I click “Authorize” I then receive an error stating, “An error has occurred. Please contact the application provider.”

Authorize Application
You’re authorizing Brave to connect with your Uphold account. To learn more, see Brave’s privacy policy. Your personal data will not be shared. As a security measure, you’ll need to authorized the application every 90 days or when your transaction volume reaches 250.00 BAT.

I went through most of the topics that popped up and cannot find a solution that works.

Hello, @mikev9359. Please avoid sharing screenshots that might contain sensitive information (such as an authorization code, etc). Which version of Brave are you using? I would also be curious how your Shield Settings are configured; do you recall modifying the defaults?

I have the same problem and I don’t even know what to do.

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