Authenticators ALWAYS come up

I utilize Brave browser for work and I handle a lot of customer financials. Other browsers have saved my logins, which Brave does, but the authenticators are my issue. I’m finding myself having to input authenticators EVERY time I access an account. Be it banks, quickbooks, utility accounts… An example is when I log into Quickbooks Online, My login info is saved, but I have to have a text message token sent to me as an authentication, every single time. It doesn’t save my browser. Banks as well… Every time I log into a bank website, I am requested to get a token. It’s a real hassle sometimes and I’m hoping there is a solution.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Logging into bank websites that require an authenticator. After getting authenticated, log out and re-log in. It will request it again. Other browsers save this authentication (at least for the session) so I’m not needing to get a token again.

I hope to find a way where once I get authenticated on a website, I’m not needing to get authenticated again at least for my current browsing session.

**Brave Version 1.22.71 Chromium 89.0.4389.114

Disable the shield on those websites

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Apologies but I’m not sure I understand the exact situation here. When you say “authenticators”, I assume you mean an authenticator app (like Authy or Google Authenticator). But you go on to mention that

This makes it sound more like a two-factor authentication (2FA) setting configured for the site/account itself. So are you saying you get a 2FA request sent every time you try to login to one of these sites?

Additionally, often times websites will have a Remember me on this computer/device check box somewhere in the login form – if any of these sites have one you may consider checking it.

Clarify the information above I’d be happy to keep troubleshooting this issue with you.

Yes, sorry about the confusion. 2FA is exactly what I’m referring too. Other browsers I’ve used seem to remember my authentication after I’ve gone through the verification process. Brave doesn’t seem to remember them and I’m having to get a code sent to me every time I log in to these sites that require them. I’ve selected ‘remember me’ on every site that allows it, but I’m still having to go through the 2FA process.

Try disabling finger printing completely

Thank you for the confirmation. Can you tell me what you have your Shields settings set to, if they’re not still at their default configuration? I’m also wondering if you have any extensions installed at this time?

My shield settings are default, I haven’t changed anything. Currently, the only extensions I have installed is Adobe Acrobat.

Can you please try opening your Shields panel for the one of the affected sites (lion icon in the address bar) and change the cookie setting to All cookies allowed and see if you still get the same behavior? Note that the first time you do this you’ll probably need to authenticate again, so you’ll have to quit/relaunch the browser and login to the site again to confirm whether or not this worked.

So far, so good. I made all cookies allowed and logged completely out, then back in with no authenticator. I’m not terribly optimistic, but it’s working so far. I did notice I had to switch the cookie settings twice, for some reason it reset itself after restarting the browser, but after setting it a 2nd time, I re-launched it and it was on. I’ll keep this ticket open for 24 hours and see if it happens again before clicking ‘solved’.

Thanks for the help.


Looks like that did it! Thanks everyone for the help.

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You’re very welcome.