August Payment Not Received

yes, it looks like we have to be patient.
I have experienced a late payment from Brave Creator in January 2020, and received it after being 10 days late (18 Jan 2020)

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Please DM the email linked to your account and I will review asap.

Dear @steeven

Thanks For Your Response :slight_smile:

I’m Already Sent You DM

Same case with me. My last payment received was July 08.

Hi @steeven, do you mind if I send you a DM as well? Thanks

Still be patient to wait :slight_smile:
From this post, unpaid reward will be paid on September 8th.

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Any news about frozen BAT balances in creators account?

Hi @steeven ,
I send you DM 2 days ago. Check please

Last month @steeven said please sent the mail and detail in DM, august now aswell, but till now there’s no follow up to this case, clarify please @steeven publisher is a part of this growth too right?

it seems like today there is still no payment in August, let’s be more patient :slight_smile:

my payment also not recived

:slight_smile: is that your first payment?

yes my dear <3yes my dear <3yes my dear <3yes my dear <3

I send you dm 2 days ago.when you answer?

also me to , did not recieve august payment

hi @steeven , please check my messagae

hi, @steeven

please check my message.

I send you DM three days ago.


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@Asad @steeven My August Payment Still Not Received Until Today 17 August 2020 :slight_smile:


you can check this thread here Following up on Referral Program Closure for five countries