August BAT disappeared

After I claimed my August BAT on the 5th, it was added to my account. However, after closing out the tab and then later reopening it, I discovered that my August BAT was gone while my other BAT remained. It says that I received my August BAT but I haven’t. What should I do?

@GenericUserName123 if you received all the BAT this month then you mast wait to next month for get your payment.

I have the same issue as well. My monthly statements reflects what I should have through August 5th, but my wallet is reflective of the funds I earned through July.

The numbers aren’t even adding up properly.

This issue occurred shortly after I downloaded an update.

Same. It happened after the most recent update

I received it but after closing the tab and then opening it again, it showed the BAT that I had in July, even though it says I received my August BAT

same here , even though i never downloaded an update

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