Audio is almost impossible to hear

With all tabs for video’s and other sites that have sound, the audio is nearly impossible to hear. If i put the sound all the way up i’m still just barley able to hear anything.

So far everything i tried to make the audio work again failed. I tried: Resetting the permissions and settings, reinstalling brave, logging out of my account.

And with everything i tried it just kept being almost impossible to hear.

I have windows 10 and brave version 1.42.97


  1. What do you see when you right-click on sound icon and choose Open Volume Mixer (see image, note the sound for Brave)?
  2. Does the issue occur only in Brave?
  3. Try this: Right-click on sound icon, and choose troubleshoot sound problem.

When i looked at first there was no brave but i just got somthing to play audio on brave and now i put it all the way up and it works again. thanks :slight_smile:

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