Audio / image desynchronization on all platforms with videos


it’s been a while (I would say a month) that I have noticed image / video desynchronization on all platforms offering these (Youtube, Reddit, and others)
At the moment, I am teleworking, so I have been using 3dsMax and Vray for the same period of time (I do 3d works)
It requires a lot of CPU resource.
so i think this could be a link.


It has been a few days since I used the software, and the desynchronization is still present.
Do you think running 3d renderings with brave open a while ago has had a bad effect on the browser?
I will reinstall the software, to tell you the news.

I have the 1.22.72 Version of Brave.

Tanks you.

update: I think it is because the software (3dsmax) is open, I just restarted my PC without opening the software and I have, until now, no more desynchronization

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