Audio goes to speakers not headphones

Using Babble language app with a USB headset. Mic works, but audio goes to speakers rather than headset. Can’t find a setting in Brave and Firefox works fine. Windows 10 desktop. Playing music on desktop works as well.

greetings, curious friend

i hope you are using windows, otherwise i would wonder how linux could serve an apt user so poorly…

in windows 10, going to the following location usually can resolve most sound postrouting issues:
Settings **NOT Control Panel > System > Sound > scroll to bottom > advanced sound options > app volume / device preferences

you can also check in control panel the system defaults and status of available audio devices:
Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound
this will open the sound configuration panel. here i would recommend checking which devices are default for your inputs and outputs.

hope this helps

(btw not +1 on this bc most likely not a browser issue, hasn’t been reported elsewhere…)

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Interesting. When one opens Firefox this 'Advanced" area changes under apps to add a FF setting - which includes the headset. Neither Brave or IE do that. Only System Sounds is listed.

If I open Brave and put some terrible music from Youtube on and then start Babble sound is sex correctly to headset. Obviously and unacceptable solution, but we are making progress. THANKS.

Jim Harrison

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