Audible Cloud Player broken since v1.44.105

Issue: Cloud Player starts then tries to buffer. Buffering fails and I am presented with a generic error message saying ‘Try again later.’

Browser Console reports:
A1afwnb0YCL.js?AUIClients/AudibleWebPlayerAssets:2910 It is recommended that a robustness level be specified. Not specifying the robustness level could result in unexpected behavior.
(anonymous) @ A1afwnb0YCL.js?AUIClients/AudibleWebPlayerAssets:2910
61gcbKtCLjL.RC%7C11PYwsl+A1L.js,71aM+FDr9BL.js.js?AUIClients/AudibleCloudPlayerAssets&S7m1SUlT:3317 Failed to getProductStream
EX24dc9c746b924a5295f766ce8f169a18-libraryCode_source.min.js:3 visitor.publishDestinations() result: Attempted to attach and load the destination publishing iframe through this API call. Result: The destination publishing iframe was attached and loaded successfully.
DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 400, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE
61gcbKtCLjL.RC%7C11PYwsl+A1L.js,71aM+FDr9BL.js.js?AUIClients/AudibleCloudPlayerAssets&S7m1SUlT:3332 showing
generic error dialog because of timeout

What I have tried so far:
0.) Cleared absolutely all browser data I could clear.
1.) Disabled Brave Shields, allowed all scripts, and allowed all tracking and ads on the site. The plan was to turn them on one-by-one until I found the offender.

The issue still occurs with all Brave Shields and protections turned off. So I just gave up and turned everything back on.

It should be mentioned that the player works fine in… (cringe) Edge. So it’s not a firewall rule on Windows.

Timeout seems to happen here:

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Hello @Aijima, thank you for bringing it up. Apologies for the long delay. Is this still an issue for you? If so, please try downloading the latest version released a couple of days ago. and let us know if the issue persists. Regards.

i have the same problem (probably)

works fine on chome, doesnt work on brave even with shields down… they must be firing lasers

This issue is still occuring and I am up to date with my browser version. Considering they terminated the app for Windows, this is becoming a big issue.

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