Atuofill settings

Autofill is very useful. I don’t see it or cannot find it? thank you


Thanks for trying out the beta! This is the first feedback we’ve had!

As for Autofill settings:
For passwords: Settings --> Passwords has all password autofill data
For Addresses: 'Settings --> Addresses & More has all address autofill data
For Credit Cards: Settings --> Payment Methods has all payment autofill data

Hope this helps!

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Mattches, thank you very much! thought i had looked everywhere-------- must have been along day.

------- one more question. How do you make a new tab go the my personal home page “my yahoo” and not to Brave home page.

------- my be just me but new beta does not seem as fast as the old developers version?

Thank you again,


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You’re very welcome!

Regarding the new tab page; as of now you’ll have to open a new tab page as the “dashboard” you see. You can however work around this a little:

Set home button to your desired address: Go to Settings --> Appearance --> Show Home Button
Toggle on the Home button, select the option to enter a custom address. Now, the Home button appears on the top left of your screen and when clicked, will take you to the website entered in the form field.

You can also ‘Ctrl + Click’ (cmd + click on mac) on the Home button to open it in a new tab instead of the current one. There are also many extensions that you can use to customize your new tab page.

Hope this helps!

thank you!!!

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