Attention: Stand by on the .25 Bat received issue

Did you receive any notification regarding this?
Since it’s been Wednesday (Today).

Good morning,
I have been affected by the April payments. How can I complain so that my case is taken into account?
Thank you very much

Hi everyone,

I finally did get paid for my unverified wallet but I earned less BAT that what I expected for this device.

On my smartphone the payment had been done 04/07 so it’s alright (verified wallet with Uphold)

Also on another device (uphold verified) I didn’t get anything, not even 0.25 BAT…

**As of a few moments ago, I did receive 6.5 BAT for March (I thought it was around 5). I had to click the confirmation button, and oddly had to refresh the rewards browser page to get it to “stick”.

Once it did, I went back to my verified Gemini wallet and the funds are there.

I would imagine everyone else who’s waiting will get theirs also, since I never put a special ticket in or anything.

Thanks to those at Brave who worked on this issue, Much appreciated!**

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Payments are still processing. Once they are completed, if you haven’t received the rewards, then put in a support ticket.

Payments are still processing. Neither one of the 2 devices i had issues with have received the payout yet. Hang on a bit longer, please.

claimed the fixed amount of rewards but does not show up in my wallet.

Good afternoon! Thank you. The charges have arrived.


everyone has BAT, trust the browser

I got one and a half coins and then I got a virus
I installed a new version and did not find my coins
thank you

If they were not in a verified wallet, sadly those coins are lost.

Nor that the employees processed the payments one by one. With so many users that you mention, surely they should have the money to hire a decent technical team to set up a payment system that does not fail every time. I haven’t even received the payment and the month is about to end so this is not a “fantastic” job, make no mistake buddy

Listen, “buddy”. Where do you think they can get all of this money from? They don’t collect and sell user data like facebook or Google. They get their money from advertisers. I emplore you to make a better product. If you do, I’ll use it. But I’m sure if you had the brains to do so, you would have done so already. So buck up, pal.

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Has it actually been verified they don’t, by reliable actors with no ties to Brave?

Well, read their terms of service and let us know.

You can start your research here:

These have roughly zero value. You can write anything you want there.

More payments were issued today. Please check your balances. Thanks to the entire Brave team for working on this issue and getting everyone their payments!

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