Attention: Stand by on the .25 Bat received issue

I am hoping this isn’t just another crypto scam. Was expecting well over 5 BAT from March 2022 and only got the .25 BAT, which also doesn’t show up in my verified Gemini account.

Now I’m worried about what Gemini is doing with my personal information. Asking that much info feels like a phishing scam.

Is all this being fixed automatically, or are we supposed to all put in tickets?

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This is a problem with Brave that has happened before and was fixed then. This will also be fixed and your BAT is safe and when the fix is implemented everyone will get the BAT that they should have. Everyone just needs to be patient and let the Brave team work on this as fast as they can which they will do.


A very generous question to all who are trying to advocate here and asking to wait patiently and specially to @Herrvader and all of his copies who are assuming it is because of bug.

Why “Bug” always happens with Brave Rewards?
Why it always eats up our BATs?
Why hasn’t it increased our BATs for even a single time, why always it reduces?

Kind suggestion to @Herrvader : If you can’t answer, then just don’t say I am not forcing you to use Brave. We will use whatever we want, will raise issues whenever we want for whatever we want. And last but not the least, keep that trophy of patience in your pocket, we don’t need that.

Actually I think you do need that patience. You and the thousand others spamming the forums with the same issue are costing the devs time in replying to each post. You’ll get your BAT, you don’t have any choice but to wait.

Bugs happen, this is a very small team. Go to chrome and see if a dev will ever reply to you over there, if you are even able to contact the team at all.

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One correction to what you have said. You are in no way compelled to watch the ads as you get the BAT whether you watch them or not. As for fighting for incorrect payments every month? If you read the info put out by Brave it very clearly states that what you see as your monthly BAT is not what you will necessarily receive because of when the BAT is paid and when you achieved that amount. If you accrued BAT after the end of the cycle then you will receive the remaining BAT in the next month. Also, all Herrvader is doing is imparting information that has been stated from day dot and your rudeness (STFU you boomer) was not warranted nor appreciated on this site and no, I do not work for Brave. Brave is not a huge team and they do the best they can so how about giving them a chance, they will rectify this.

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Count me single dev who have replied on this post.
I wish Brave to stamp a tag of patience on your forehead for having such enormous patience and loyalty which is in fact leaking now.

Same for me. About 1.7bat earned. Arrived 0.25bat and not transferred to my Gemini account.

Dude you really need to learn how to be patient. Ranting and stomping your feet is not going to make this go any faster. Yes, it’s annoying, yes it is most likely a bug but look at how pent up you’re getting over a couple bucks being a few days late.
Go outside, smell the grass, do whatever you normally do to calm down. You’re acting like a petulant child

When someone has nothing to say, then it’s easy to blame others. And yeah, If saying me a petulant child makes you look more patient and mannered, then wish you some extra maturity petulant old !!!.

I think this is just a matter of time but fingers crossed.
Chime in the discussion here:


And this from @steeven today " your issue is known and has been identified by the dev team. A fix is incoming."

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I have been hard pressed to find a post where you have not complained about brave when given the chance. I am not here to babysit you. Simply put, if you don’t like brave, leave. But, I know you won’t because you probably have no where else to go to try and get some attention to feel better about yourself. I’ll be blocking you after this because quite honestly, you are a drain on my (and others) time and resources.

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This issue is resolve and can be closed @steeven or @Mattches

mine is worse
please check the attached picture

Hello @herrvader
how are you doing? I am Gemini verified user and received reward previously, but this March I just see pending and check the status since April 12 and then gone, and I didn’t receive any reward and my reward status is empty (please check the attached pictures)

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This is a known issue and is currently being fixed. If you scroll up, you will find posts on this thread with some info. You are one of thousands with the same issue. Rest assured it is being handled and you will receive your due rewards. Thank you for your patience.

You can block me using your tiny supremacy. But, you can’t suppress. My actions are abided by rules and regulation as per the brave community guidelines. And many times you mentioned that you saw me everywhere, so it is clear that you are frustrated of my valid complaints. One suggestion to you keep your personal interest aside when you are in any community forum. After this, I am also restricting/blocking you.


@Herrvader is just (for some reason) annoyed that people are using a place destined to discuss bugs and report problems to… discuss bugs and report problems. The whole “where’s the contract???” makes no sense and am sure is something not even the Brave team wants to be assosiated with you see the ads but we have no obligation to pay you. A piece of the marketing campaing is that the user earns tokens, not that they may or may not gift them because they are not contractually oblidged. Your comments bring no benefits for the trust in the project.

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I think the issue is that they created this post to inform people that the team are looking into it, as most of us know, yet all people seem to do is complain and want a fix NOW, and that isn’t going to happen.

Anyone that can read english can see that the banner topic explains everything we know for now, but we still see topics every few minutes saying the exact same thing. It becomes infuriating

Just a question. Is there any word on whether once the problem is fixed the previous months bats will also be realigned? I did a check on my wallet on two devices and on one I always received 0.25bat and on another I always received 0.50bat. Isn’t it strange that they are round numbers and always 0.25 or multiple?