Attention: Stand by on the .25 Bat received issue

Also for the last 2 months I only received .25 Bat

Me too. I was supposed to claim 1.445 BAT but I only received 0.250 which I found really disappointing. Please fix this Brave Browser.

how many of you that are complaining can write code? if you cant then I suggest you calm down talking about bugs with Brave because coding/ software engineering is very difficult and complex so nothing is an easy fix when you have 1000+ lines of code to look through and fix.

Has Brave had issues in the past? Yes Have they resolved them and made sure customers get their BAT? ALSO YES

so Relax it will come just give it time. I apologise for your free money not getting to you quick enough… JEEEEZ


This 0.25 bat problem is going on from Feb i can’t believe you are getting informed now l

Brother there is nothing like free money you have switched to brave but before it you where using other platforms right. I am well aware of brave benefits but they are showing us ads and earning from it and sharing a portion of that ad revenue so kindly don’t say they are paying for free I hope you Understand…


By free money I simply mean work that doesn’t require effort which due to brave being non invasive with ads but I understand fully that they are simply sharing and revenue with us for what ads they are being paid to push on their platform but like I said it doesn’t bother you while using the browser and it’s no more effort than using your PC anyway so that is what I mean by free

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Yeah, Just like your written Patience word is waiting to become BOLD until now. :joy::joy:

I thought it only happened to me. Thank you

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This is seriously how brave employees interact with people? Are you a brave employee?

Rewards are rarely accurate, even I only received 0.25

And that we should help mentally ill people instead of celebrating them !

same problem with my brave reward system .

He isn’t, what makes you even think that? …

it’s been two month in row for non verified browser, last month they added to current earning.

Brave reward gone after claim, only received 0,25

See how much patient my content and I are, but ye log bc mujhse hi lad rahe😁.

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Not sure if this needs reported on here or if the brave team has the diagnostics to know who has been affected but I am also experiencing the .25 Bat bug. Is there anything we need to do to report this or do we literally just need to wait? It just seems that some people on here have been waiting months for the .25 Bat bug to be fixed while others seem to have it resolved swiftly.

Brave is earning from ad sources for publishing. It pays a small chunk of it to us for watching it. Brave should pay in full to its users. If the majority of the people are saying that only a sum of 0.250 BAT is received then Brave must look this matter carefully. In this world if someone is investing time for earning, they are not going to let their pay out go in vain.

I collected 3.55bat and only recieved 0.25, I’m severely annoyed, please see to this issue asap.

They will get to it. Patience. I’m sure there will be an announcement from the support teams. May need to wait until Monday morning.

I’m using brave since I brought this new lap. Brave experience is really convincing. I support the brave team. And one more thing which make me duck always, is there any limit that we can payout only limited BAT from whole earnings. My march earning was almost 8.5 BAT but only 4.171 BAT was in processing and again 0.25 was credited today… As a ordinary person that made me deep sad. I hope you resolve it soon. please reply that why I cannot payout my whole earnings 8.5 BAT?